DataSafe Saves
Knowledge is the most valuable asset in today's business world, institutions, prevent the loss of institutional memory on behalf of and to be cautious in the face of various disaster scenarios, make many studies on the management of archives. DataSafe Eurosafe, archiving systems developed on the basis of international standards of professional practice, as partners are involved in the first addition to the institutions. Archive storage and management in the field by developing technology DataSafe constantly renewing itself by working with Eurosafe, what do you know earn?
Out of the Institution of Physical Archive Storage
DataSafe Eurosafe, external document storage and management of all business areas is able to offer appropriate solutions for both secure and economical. Archive storage and management services to organize your documents, take delivery company to bring our facility, 24 hour secure storage environment, automated monitoring and their management.
Documents if necessary, quickly finding the value is priceless. DataSafe Eurosafe, lets you access your documents easily and quickly using an advanced inventory system. With barcode tracking system has an audit trail on each document. You want to get to your documents, your company the next day, the same day or urgent delivery can be made. Is sufficient for you to reach your document in electronic form, and you can scan the original document as an e-mail or document you want to send the image, thanks to online access you can download directly from our website.
Keep your documents out of the institution
Document and maintain its own office in Eurosafe to keep your documents more secure, DataSafe. Crisis management planning experts recommend that you keep outside the library and institution. Thus, even in the face of any disaster situation have the workflow to continue without interruption. DataSafe facilities in Eurosafe 7 / 24 is equipped with high-security system. Electronic controlled entry and exit are provided with competent controls. Closed-circuit cameras are monitored 24 hours a day. Archive is stored entry permit areas are just employees. Necessary to find a document that your employees do not need to search the archive by bringing your room upside down. Fire protection protocol is designed to protect your documents.
Low-cost solution
Hiding outside of the existing library and institution, attract business costs down significantly. Archive storage space for more effective use of a convert taking his own constitution. Raflama system for archiving, fire, pests or to take measures against flooding to make the installation of any infrastructure or investment in dedicated staff will not have to do. When you decide to manage the archive can be stored outside the institution, sought to find a document, you will have spent time savings.
Company information for you know very well how important and worth. Eurosafe, the responsibility of submitting the DataSafe archive your documents are stored safely and easily accessible even in the most urgent cases will have the comfort of knowing that. Our primary task is stored in a preferred institution conditions set by international standards, while maintaining accurate information to give you the perfect service.
Archive managers ready to give you all kinds of professional support. Call us.
Fire Box and Steel Cases
Steel Case What it is:
Safe secure a box. (Boxes, crates, or cysts) can be locked for the safety of the items, used to provide a variety of protection against the dangers of the objects. Theft and natural disasters, major rsiklerdir. Security is usually a solid structure, made of metal and locked in a box consists of a solid cover. In many, many models can be structured.
Fire resistant safes:
A fire-safe, high temperature resistant, fire is a type of steel designed to protect the contents during the facts. Principle basis that they are resistant to fire. to. For example, a fire-safe (177 ° C) when exposed to heat for 30 minutes at 350 ° F internal temperature Build geçmez.Yangına extreme temperatures generated by a fire-resistant safes are usually rated based on the amount of time. Models are usually between half an hour and a four-hour time slots değerlendirilirler.Katlı edilirek mounted to a concrete floor for fire safety are made much more durable. However, all the boxes are mounted to the floor is not very secure and waterproof. For this reason, most fire safes fire after the fire hoses filled with water even though bululnurlar. Therefore, non-fire-boxes used in sealing the inside of bag goods must be impervious to water, should be stored in dry bags or sealed plastic containers. In the U.S., the standards for fire resistance of each variety is made for two. Underwriters Laboratories is the competent authority.

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